Roses In Your Routine


February is the month to celebrate love and whether you're a free bird or coupled up, it can be a good reminder to pamper yourself at a cold, grey time of year when you could probably really use the TLC! Roses are a Feb 14th classic, but they can be so much more than a bouquet. Both pure rose oil and absolute rose oil (the far more affordable version) are being increasingly recognised for varied health and beauty benefits. Roses certainly have an impressive repertoire of healing properties! Rose oil is known for being anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic, and it also has powerful aromatherapy benefits. 

Most of us wouldn’t think about heading to a first aid kid for rose oil, but it can be an effective healer and is great to have on hand. When applied topically, it can be used to help minor cuts and scratches because its antibacterial properties can ward off infection, and its antiseptic properties can help contract blood vessels, slowing down bleeding. Its anti-inflammatory effects can also aid swollen joints and muscle aches—you might even want to try it for menstrual cramps (and the act of massaging it onto painful areas is definitely soothing in and of itself)! Roses have been historically recognised for their beautiful scent, which people tend to find really uplifting, and this can aid in alleviating stress, depression and anxiety. 


Rose oil is also a great element to include in your general wellness and beauty routine. Those antibacterial qualities are effective on acne, too, while the astringent aspect helps to tone skin overall. It’s a beautifully fragrant oil to use for your hair, taming fly aways and generally helping to protect against brittleness. It’s also good for cuticles! And did we mention that gorgeous smell? A lot of products on the market (but not in our market!) have a chemical smell—because, you know, they’re made with strange chemicals—or someone has tried to cover up said weird smell with synthetic fragrances. When you use rose oil, while your skin/hair/nails are absorbing the benefits of roses, you will be enveloped in a natural cloud of olfactory loveliness. 

With any essential oil you should always be careful to start off by testing a very small amount on your skin to make sure you’re not going to have a strong reaction to it. Generally, though, rose oil is mild and safe to apply directly to skin when used a few drops at a time. Putting those few drops in a bath is a wonderful experience! You can also dilute rose oil with your preferred carrier, whether that’s coconut oil, almond oil, glycerin, cocoa butter or even just olive oil. Blending it with a carrier is a great way to make a bottle of rose oil go a longer way, and it makes for an extra relaxing application process. We’ll leave you with a little recipe for an extra-indulgent rose beauty treat! Have a wonderful, love-filled February. 


Rose Sugar Scrub


1 – 1 1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2-3/4 cup coconut or sweet almond oil
10 drops Rose essential oil
1 teaspoon vitamin e oil (optional)


Blend all the ingredients together! The scrub can be kept in a closed jar in a cool, dry place for at least a month.