You're on your way to free rewards!

 Pomme Points are an easy way to get the most out of your groceries! We've outlined the basics below.

  • You will receive 10 Pomme Points for every $1 you spend.

  • Any loyalty points you may have previously collected with Pomme will become Pomme Points.

  • Use your points to redeem free or discounted items

  • You can start redeeming points as soon as you've accumulated a minimum of 1000 points.

  • There are no restrictions on accumulating points. You can collect as many as you'd like!

  • Anyone can accumulate points on any phone number they choose to give, but please note that only the owner of the account that corresponds to the phone number can redeem the points, using photo ID. (Passport, BC ID, BCDL, AMEX with picture)

  • Joint accounts are not possible, but you may transfer your points to another account holder.

If you are not currently a Pomme Points member, you can sign-up at any Pomme Natural Market location and be on your way to free rewards!