There are multiple designs and shapes of mattresses like the Amerisleep mattress. The users can purchase the bio secured memory foam or green mattress, which is quite different because it has reduced footprints compared with ordinary and traditional memory foam mattresses. The maximum of these beds or mattresses is covered with a dynamic component or material known as celli ant. Such dynamic material used in various beds is quite efficient for tissue recovery and muscle support, and relief of back pain. amerisleep bed reviews


Such mattresses are also liked by many people who love back sleep. Still, at the same time, these mattresses are also criticized by customers regarding the layering, firmness and hardness, and durability. At the same time, the price is another major factor that is responsible for bad reviews of such mattresses. This article will discuss the bad and poor reviews regarding the movement, transfer of motion, temperature control, and edge support or corner support of these types of mattresses.

Sleeping and Temperature Issues

Such mattresses are not based on latex and spring-based coils system, so it is possible that such mattresses can cause the trapping or absorb of heat. Many Customers have complained due to this heat-trapping issue. Still, on a positive note, such mattresses are made of good bio secured memory foam, and such foam can provide a cooling sensation to a limited extent. Heat-trapping is not excessive as compared to ordinary beds. But if the customer faces a problem of sleeping hot at night, he must use some other mattresses with coils and spring mechanisms. Moreover, green mattresses made of organic materials are highly recommended for such customers.

Motion Transfer

These mattresses are not highly recommended due to the lack of motion transfer, but some of these mattresses are quite useful if you are used to sleeping with your male or female partner. After studying some bad reviews about the ordinary type of such mattresses, it is suggested to use that type, which has a high Bio-Pur foam quality. These beds isolate this motion transfer to one side to sleep with his/her partner with comfort and ease.

Corner or Edge Support

This factor can be considered as another aspect that is highlighted in reviews of customers. While discussing the edge support of such bed mattresses, it is better to sleep and sit near the edge support, and customers praise only the edge support of the firmer model. Whereas in softer or fewer firm models of such mattresses according to the firmness scale, customers find a lack of edge support when they sit at a corner and lay down.


The Long-lasting or durability of such mattresses depends on the use of highly dense material inside the multiple layers of mattresses. These beds can last for almost seven to eight-years if adequately cared for. But some people appreciate the innerspring mattresses and consider it long-lasting and comfortable.

Chemical Smell

Initially, there is a gas type smell when it is newly used. Most people have complained because of this chemical smell. Some people are highly allergic to this off-gassing smell, so it is recommended to use anti-chemical mattresses.

Sex Discomfort

Some models of these types are not highly recommended for having pleasure with your sex partner. It can be difficult for both of you and your partner to move around while having sex, disturbing, and affecting your intense feeling of pleasure.