Three non-standard queen mattress sizes exist. Want to how long is a queen mattress? Olympic or extended size queen mattress are 66 inches wide by 80 inches in length, which is 6 inches more extensive than a standard queen mattress. California queen mattress measure 60 inches wide by 84 inches in length. It’s similar width as classic queens however 4 inches longer. The split queen, a size regularly utilized for a customizable mattress, is an equal width and length as a standard queen mattress. Yet, the bed is part into two separate parts, every one measuring 30 crawls by 80 inches.

Purchasing a mattress is a drawn-out interest in your health, and there are various things to consider during your quest for the best mattress. Practically all mattress types (adaptive padding, latex, innerspring, and half breeds) are accessible in all standard sizes. However, factors like the size bedroom likewise must be thought of while choosing the size of your mattress.

Who’s Using the Mattress

It is one of the essential factors to be thought of while picking the ideal mattress size. On the off chance that you are an individual sleeper who doesn’t impart a bed to anybody, you can dispose of the king, and California king mattresses from your rundown—queen, full, or full XL beds would probably be the most fitting. We prescribe queen and top XL mattresses to the individuals who incline toward some space to spread, and top and twin XL alternatives to sleepers who need to spare space.

Be that as it may, if you plan on imparting your mattress to an accomplice or child, you’ll need to pick a queen, king, or California king. On the off chance that you and your accomplices like to co-lay down with your children, a king or California king would be better obliging.

Size of the Room

Remember that your bedroom doesn’t include only your bed. You have to leave space for development and other agreeable furnishings. The bedroom is your loosening up area, where you slither into by the day’s end to rest and revive yourself. A stuffed space may cause pressure and make rest more troublesome. So, a gigantic bed in a tiny room isn’t an ideal suggestion.

Location of the Bedroom

Moving a king or California king size mattress might be hard for a few, so when purchasing another bed, be aware of the size. On the off chance that your bedroom isn’t on the top floor, consider the width of the flights of stairs and how testing it may be to get the mattress starting with one story then onto the next. Bed in a case mattress are an answer for this once-normal issue, yet a few beds can even now be hard to move.


Budget is another significant standard since it decides accessible alternatives. Whenever you have experienced a wide range of various factors, the time has come to venture back and set a reasonable budget for yourself. Take a gander at materials, mattress brands, and read mattress surveys to decide the ideal decision.